Pizza Express Update: response from head office

Pizza Express Update: response from head office

Just as I suspected, the Pizza Express procurement of halal chicken is not to extend their customer base, but is a decision made upon issues of quality and economics….

Dear Masud

Thank you for your enquiry. Please accept my apologies that it has taken
some time to respond to you.

I understand that you would like to know about the chicken we serve in our
restaurants and I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a
little more information about this subject.

When looking to source ingredients for our dishes, the quality and safety
of these ingredients remain our number one priority, and it is on this
basis that we have selected our chicken. I can confirm that the chicken
used in our dishes is Halal certified by CICOT. We are committed to high
animal welfare standards and as such the birds are stunned before
slaughter. The quality, safety and integrity of our products is paramount
and our chicken supplier is accredited by the British Retail Consortium.
This means it meets the global standard for food safety. Please note that
none of our other meats are halal.

I’d like to let you know that our menus are designed and printed in
accordance with current legislation. We will continue to review any
progress made with regards to government legislation on this matter, taking
into account any consideration for any guidance given. Our teams in
restaurants are trained to provide accurate menu and ingredient information
to our customers, and in addition it is available on the customer service
section of our website. We are also looking at whether we take steps to
make this information even clearer for our customers.

Please note that whilst the chicken we serve is Halal certified, due to our kitchen processes and the presence of other non halal meats in our
kitchens, the final dishes are not halal.

Thank you for taking the time and care to email us and for your valuable
feedback. Please be assured that your comments have been duly noted and
will be shared with the wider business to ensure we are using customer
feedback to inform any future discussions with regards to the chicken we
use in our restaurants.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.


Sasha Cashdan
Customer Experience Team

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