Number 10 Petition: Sanctions agains Israel

Number 10 Petition: Sanctions agains Israel

For what it is worth, there is a petition on official Number 10 Downing Street website to have sanctions imposed on Israel.

The text of the petition is:

Israeli must be punished for its failure to adhere to the Geneva Convention concerning the collective punishment of the citizens of Gaza. Israeli tactics are cruel, malicious and demonstrate that Israel is not interested in the peace process or a Palestinian State. They are creating the ideal breeding ground for extremism, sabotaging peace efforts and squandering the good will they have been given.

You can sign it on the Petitions Page.

5 thoughts on “Number 10 Petition: Sanctions agains Israel

  1. hi i am very upset with whats going on in the gaza the israel goverment should stop what they are doing they know what they are doing is wrong so why do it remember one thing what goes around comes around and i must high light not all jews agree with israel

  2. I will sign for sure, am also passing the link to everyone I know. Even my Boss at work, who happens to be from Israel. Jews need to speak up! Their actions are going against their own faith.

  3. whatever it takes, we need to work together and stop this horrific actions against palestine, true muslims and true jews are suffering but its the evil, selfish and greedy people behind it all because I dont understand why people cant just live together happy and accept that we are different. may allah guide us all always.

  4. SHAME on Arab leaders can’t spare their thrones for the sake of the blood of the muslims brothers in Gaza . when comes to flexing their financial wealth on the West you see them jumping the wagons offering unaccounted millions of Dollars to buy properties,Football clubs,Night spots (seedy bars )to generate the western economy . Is Muslim blood ( Palestinians ) became so cheap????? ONLY THE ALL MIGHTY ALLAH will CURSE THEM here & Thereafter. Does you haert no punder on all the massacre happening to our Dearest brother in Gaza ? For how long they will keep their mouth shut witnessing the Gaza Genocide ? are you worried to loose your presidential seat or the kingdoom ? SHAME ON YOU FOR ETERNITY

  5. All the arab leaders are sleeping and watching as our brothers and sisters die in plastine.I think all muslim should unite and fight this war, we are muslims and we should stick togather.Until we do muslims will die and the blood of our brothers and sisters will be shed.Its about time muslim leaders spoke out, how can they watch Isreal murder innocent children and women die every day.What will it take for them to wake up.May allah give the people of palestine peach ameen.

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