7 thoughts on “Naat by Milad Raza Qadri – Amma Nee Amma

  1. a humble translation of this beautiful naat

    The Soul (Amma), The heart (ghar)

    Amma (ruh) is saying that ranjhun (Aqa Sallallahu alaihi wa aalihi wa salim) has entered the ghar (dil)

    “Ama ni ama ghar Ranjhun aya”


    “ankhiyan mahi diya sharabi”…when they see him they become drunk, one Sighting leaves them thirsty for more..

    “weykh puli sab ghama”…they forget everything and everyone, they enjoy this state of ecstasy with him


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  3. hi i just love your nasheed called amma nee amma

    i think it is very beautiful and you have a beautiful voice and tune to it too

    Mas’ud says: I’m not the singer and I don’t know if the singer reads my blog and the comments.

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