Mendacity Mel and me

Mendacity Mel and me

Got a reply to my reply and then I replied again:

Oh dear, I’m afraid you are just recycling mendacious propaganda. Israel has been under attack from the Arab and Muslim world for the past six decades. Hamas is a genocidal organisation pledged to destroy Israel and murder every Jew. These are inescapable facts.

Concern for civilians in time of war is one thing; but to use that concern to mask support for or indifference towards genocidal terrorism, and to equate that terrorism with the defence against it, is morally despicable.

Here is what I replied:

Mendacious? What about people like Norman Finkelstein, Noah Feldman, Avi Schlaim, Noam Chomski and other such experts, are they recycling mendacious propaganda? What about the various Human Rights groups within Israel itself?

I do not support Hamas, never have, never will, I am concerned for the ordinary Palestinians who have over a period of 60 years been forcibly removed from their homes, had them destroyed, livestock, farmland, olive groves and other such property and possessions taken or razed to the ground (see The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) and have been living in concentration camp like squalor and destitution, they have been subjected to sporadic genocidal episodes at the hands of Israel and the latest one is no different. Gaza is effectively a concentration camp on par with the Nazi camps. The treatment of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis is a strange case of history repeating itself, the irony is that those who are meting out this treatment should have learnt from their own history…may be they have?

Perhaps the history of the creation of the state of Israel escapes you, the Palestinians are paying for the crimes and guilt of Europe against the Jewish people. I have no hatred in my heart for the Jewish people, I have a problem with Zionism and its fascist agenda and the idea of the “chosen race/people” which you quite clearly support. This fascism is no different to the one espoused by radical Islamist clerics (who give people like you plenty to vent your spleen over) and gives justification to commit heinous atrocities and crimes on those they see as less than human as themselves. Alexis Sayle’s recent comments are spot on:

“As a Jew, it’s very moving to see so many people who are so outraged at Israel’s actions,” Sayle said. “Israel is a democratic country that is behaving like a terrorist organization.”

Oh dear, Alexis Sayle is also recycling mendacious propaganda, it would seem that everyone except you is recycling “mendacious propaganda”, most of your writings on Islam and Muslims are pretty much mendacious. Either mendacious or ignorant, perhaps a mixture of the two.

How about you visit Gaza and the West Bank when this is over and at least go, see and talk to the ordinary Palestinians and what they have to say and what they have to endure on a daily basis? Wouldn’t that be fair instead of passing judgement on them from the comfort and safety of your own home? Perhaps then you won’t be so quick to accuse people of recycling mendacious propaganda.

Just as side note, I want to thank you for responding to me, I know you must get a few emails everyday and I don’t expect this exchange to continue much further.

Best wishes, sincerely


PS looking forward to a piece by you once you have visited the Occupied Territories…one day maybe, will you, could you?

If anyone else wants to email her, here email address is publicly available on her website: and is

One thought on “Mendacity Mel and me

  1. Assalaamu aleikum,

    I appreciate you taking your time to attempt (however futilely) to correct that woman’s mistakes. But I was wondering why decided to add that you don’t support Hamas and why in fact you don’t support them. At the moment Hamas and Hezbollah are the prime centers of resistance to the Zionist occupation. I personally believe we should be supporting their efforts.
    Mas’ud says: I do not support them on an ideological basis, both Hamas (Islamist/Wahhabi) and Hezbollah (Shi’ite). Hamas were also an instrument of Israel to weaken the PLO. I do, however, recognise their right as the democratically elected legitimate government of Palestine.

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