Haikus for the Hujjaj

Haikus for the Hujjaj

I went on Hajj in 2007 and every year around the time of Yawm al-Arafah I have a real visceral feeling and a deep yearning to return, all the memories of my trip resurface. This year, I decided to channel to give those feelings an outlet and composed a series of Haikus. I may not win any awards for poetry but I thought I would share them with you.

Returning from Mina 2007
Our return from Mina in 2007

I stand before you // my ego broken and bruised // grant me Your Mercy

As I stand hands raised // my Lord forgive me my sins // show me Your Mercy

On Mount Arafah // they gather and raise their hands // and beseech their Lord!

The pilgrimage ends // washed of sins, new lives begin // the hard work now starts!

The Devil is stoned // Ihram removed, head shaved // the pilgrims rejoice!

Can we please our Lord // in our normal daily life? // rise to the challenge!

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