Habiba Institute for Arabic Studies for women taught by women

Habiba Institute for Arabic Studies for women taught by women

BUMP!‘It is compulsory upon every responsible Muslim to study the Arabic Language’
Imam Shafi (Ar-Risalah)

Habiba is a new outreach-teaching institute catering for the needs of women for the purpose of teaching the Arabic language and Tajweed (Qur’anic Recitation) in an Islamic environment.

Learning Arabic Has Never Been Easier!

You can now study the Arabic Language in your own time, pace and vicinity. This means you organise the students and the venue and ‘Habiba’ will send you a tutor.

The course is a combination of the traditional branches of Nahw, Sarf and Balaghah, taught using a variety of methods, tried and tested through years of teaching Arabic, combined with English language teaching experience.

The course consists of all the components of the language, namely grammar, reading, speaking, writing and listening gradually leading up to the GCSE Arabic Exam for those students wishing to gain this qualification. The first four modules of the course will equip students with a steel framework to access Arabic texts. Thereafter students may take on traditional sciences such as Sarf (Morphology), Nahw (Syntax) and I’rab (Grammatical analysis) to get a deeper understanding of classical Islamic texts.

The course can be designed according to students’ needs; for example you might want to incorporate Tajweed or Calligraphy into your course.

  • The course is taught by women for women
  • It is local (mobile), so it can be studied in any area
  • It is flexible, so students can choose the day and time they would like to study
  • The classes are set up for 6 to 12 students so that you can be given individual attention as well as effectively learn in pairs and small groups
  • Habiba tutors employ as many effective teaching methods possible from traditional teaching to western modern teaching and they are continuously developing their language teaching skills via training
  • Habiba tutors record each student’s achievements and progress in Individual Learning Plans and assess their potential in order to maximise learning outcomes
  • It is affordable as there is less administration since it is an out-reach course
  • It runs over a set period, and covers a set syllabus, so students know exactly what they should achieve on completion of each module
  • Habiba Institute is continuously developing and adding new modules in Islamic sciences according to the needs of the Muslim community.



One thought on “Habiba Institute for Arabic Studies for women taught by women

  1. Hello I am Sha!
    I really like & love the arabic as a “Language”.
    The impression I got immediately after I
    completed MA English was that I should have
    studied “Arabic”.
    I have grown a strong passion and attachment
    for Arabic and the Arabs. How much it can last?
    This is what i don’t know nor am much sure about
    but if your gals and guys out there help me, my
    love might become fruitful for me.
    Why do i like and love arabic and the Arabs?
    This is sort of expansive questions.
    I only know that Arabic is soft, smooth
    and melodius.
    The Arabs are loving, sincere and sobre.
    Well, what I don’t know is if they are
    lovers of their language too or not.
    I aspire to someday talk fluently in arabic.
    Talk to my friends. But can i attract Arabic
    -speakers to my self by speaking their lang-
    uage is yet another thing to be experienced
    Arabic is the language of the Muslims but i do
    believe ALLAH will hear and help me even when
    i speak my mother tongue to ask him. I am
    sensitive to the degree that if i like something
    just for the sake of some good and great point
    in it and I am not answered positively…. I
    really begin to hate that thing. Well i don’t
    know why should i do it but still here i am to
    do it. I like to chat, sing, speak, think, write
    and argue in Arabic. I have no intention to
    visit an Arabic speaking country as yet but
    can it be helpful enough in learning a language to
    personally visit the country where it is spoken?
    Because we have been in this country of ours for
    since our birth but still we haven’t got command
    and control over the national language spoken
    here. Does it go to say that it doesn’t matter
    a lot to visit a country for the solitary purpose
    of learning a language spoken there? I like the
    h sound of Arabic and also I like it for not
    having the clattering sounds of t,d etc. I
    want to have good really good arabic language
    friends. I can teach you English “only and only
    if you think you need it”. I should thank you
    in advance if you think my love for Arabic and
    the Arab is something valuable.
    With best regards it is farhad (underscore)
    alishah (at) yahoo (dot) com
    my cell number is zerozeroninetwothreeonetwo
    Wassalam-o-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah!
    ( I shall be really anxiously waiting for
    the language friend of my dreams.
    How can i say in Arabic
    “The lover and Admirer of Arabic as a Language”
    Bubye thanks

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