Habib Ali Twitter Experiment

Habib Ali Twitter Experiment

Yesterday my nieces Zakia and Maria twittered the Radical Middleway’s Habib Ali talk they made a valliant effort but due to some technical issues missed part of Habib Ali’s talk. The other speakers were Hakim Archuletta and Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad who also gave very inspiring speeches. You can see the twitter transcript here http://twitter.com/majhul?page=7 and work forwards.

2 thoughts on “Habib Ali Twitter Experiment

  1. JazakAllahu khair brother for your efforts. And may Allah reward your nieces as well for their himma. (Particularly for agreeing to transcribe for Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad). He was more than amazing last night wasn’t he?


  2. Thanks for the live tweeting. Sh Habib Ali is great Masha’Allah and i’m always quite gutted when he’s in London and i’m not. This kind of made up for it.

    Keep up the good tweets!

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