Free Dodgy Phonecard

Free Dodgy Phonecard

My wife told me she got handed a free international calling card in town yesterday, straight away I said that it is probably dodgy and some sort of scam. Typically, wives never believe anything husbands tell them until someone else confirms what they are saying, and so when later one of my cousins came around for dinner and my wife told her that she got a free phonecard in town, my cousin immediately said “don’t use it, it is a dodgy premium rate 09 number!”, I glanced over at the Mrs and gave her that “I told you ‘nya nya nya na na na’ look” (childish I know!).

Anyhow, if you get handed a “free” phonecard make sure you read the fine print there and then and then take exception to the person supplying you it. Here are some images of the card that my wife got handed it works out to ?1.50 per minute!….

Dodgy Phone Card (front)

Dodgy Phoncard (back)

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