Film: Deen Tight

Film: Deen Tight

Deen Tight a film by Mustafa Davis, explores the influence of Hip Hop on Islam and Muslims and more importantly Islam and Muslims on Hip Hop and its use as a tool to deliver dawah. From the trailer it looks like an amazing insight into contemporary Muslim culture.

From the Director :

“The objective for shooting this film is to document the global impact/effect that Western pop culture (namely hip hop) has on Islam (both in Western Muslim cultures and Arab Muslim cultures). Filmed on location in the USA as well as the UAE (with accompanying footage from several countries) we focus on the perceived conflict between traditional religious ideals and modernity as well as both the positives and negatives of Western pop culture on today’s Muslim youth. Music, considered a taboo practice for many Muslims, has also quickly become one of the most popular methods for Muslims to share their faith with the world. In this film we ask an important question about one of today’s most popular art forms: Hip Hop… a tool of Dawah or a tool of the Devil?”

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  1. From the director of Deen Tight:

    This film is exactly how Sidi Masud described it… an insight into contemporary Muslim culture. I would add that it explores both the positive and negative aspects of contemporary culture (by way of hip hop) on Islam and covers controversial topics such as music and fame. We invite all to give us their opinions and/or share their own thoughts and stories with us on this topic. Please contact us at:

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