Email to MCB regarding Moonsighting

Email to MCB regarding Moonsighting

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

Dear sir or madam,

As a Muslim citizen of the UK whom you claim to represent, I am concerned about your methods by which you announce the start of Islamic months. Despite the FACT that all moonsighting experts Muslim or otherwise have stated the IMPOSSIBILITY sighting of the new moon on Friday 22nd of September (2006) please refer to:

you have somewhat magically announced BOGUS moonsightings from Saudi Arabia, a country whose government DOES NOT use moonsighting to determine the holy months but a pre-set calendar. I think that it is disgraceful that you, as an organisation who make much song and dance about representing Muslims in Britain and yet suspend your own intellectual senses and defer to a country who are known not to sight the moon in the manner proscribed by the Shariah, you quite clearly have no interest in maintaining the unity of Muslims in this country. Why do you not have a hilal committee that serves the Muslims of this country. We have many moonsighting experts such as Dr. Usama Hassan and Shaykh Muhammad al-Afifi.

I await your response.





4 thoughts on “Email to MCB regarding Moonsighting

  1. Asalaam u alaykum

    I have respect for you brother masud, but your constant hatred of saudi arabia is unacceptable, how do you not know whether some people in saudi arabia might have spotted the moon, we all talk about unity and ettiquites of disagreement but why can’t we accept a difference of oppinion on moon sighting, and not take part in the wahabi bashing that undermines the respect that people have for you and your website and articles. It is deep rooted sectarianism that is dividing the ummah and Ok we disagree with the salafi/wahabi school but lets have some adab to our brothers and not always deem them to be erroneous.


  2. I think that your comment on my “constant hatred of Saudi Arabia” is extremely inaccurate. It is clear from all the moonsighting experts that sighting of the moon is NOT possible on Friday 22nd September, this being the case then the Saudis are quite clearly wrong and it is not a matter of ikhtilaf. If there was a remote possibility of them being correct then yes we give them the benefit of the doubt, but in this case they are quite clearly wrong and they know it.

    My comments and personal opinions are just that, personal. That is why this blog is seperate from the site. However, most of the articles on the main site are to debunk and refute the Wahhabi creed and methodology.

  3. In some towns (including a place called Aylesbury) the Imams announced the start of ramadan was sunday over a week ago. These people must be so clever they dont even need to look for the moon !!

  4. I entirely agree with your points! Alhamdulilah, brothers in Nottinhgam have been sighting the moon since last January, and since then we’ve been following a local lunar calendar. We actually began fasting on Sept 25th. Saturday, before Maghrib,was the 29th of Sha’ban for us. It was a clear evening and despite our best efforts we were unable to see the new crescent
    Alhamdulilah we’ve put an article
    on our site containing the relevant ahadith from Sahih Muslim with commentary by Imam an-Nawawi. Check it out at

    There definitely does need to be a push towards a return to the Sunnah of sighting the moon. What better platform is there to unite the Muslims on?

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