DVD: The Blessed Tree

DVD: The Blessed Tree

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mustafa Gouverneur the director of the documentary “The Blessed Tree” and he gifted me a copy of his film.

This is the story of the discovery of the tree under which the Prophet Muhammad rested when he was a Youth when travelling to the land of Shaam (modern day Jordan, Syria and Palestine). The tree is the only living plant for 100s of square kilometers and archaeologists have found ruins nearby of an ancient monastery from which Bahira the monk identified the Prophet Muhammad. The DVD is available in the UK from ZamZam http://www.zamzam.tv/uk/products-page/films/the-blessed-tree/ for £11.95 + £1.50 postage & packaging.

This is a must see, it will uplift you and fill you with wonder and awe that we have today a living thing which interacted with the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace).

Get a copy of it today!

If you can organise a screening in your community let me know, I’ll see if I can get someone to supply copies of the DVD at wholesale prices for sale at the screening.

You can contact the following outlets for retail enquiries.
USA & the Americas: Fonsvitae.com
UK & rest of world: Zamzam.tv
Australia: Invoke-media

If you can buy this DVD it is an investment and your money will help film makers make other interesting and beneficial films.


I just received the following email from the retailer www.hubooks.com:

Salaam Alaykum Sidi Masud,

Jumma Mabrook,

Hope you and family are well. I just read your posting on Deenport regarding the Blessed Tree by Mustafa Gouverneur.

HUbooks would be more than happy to offer this dvd at a discounted rate for any screenings that are organised if you would like us to. Furthermore, we will put on a special offer for the weekend for this DVD and retail it at £9.99 (plus P&P) on our website following your recommendation on Deenport.

Walaykum Salaam




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