Denigration of enemies

Denigration of enemies

I saw an “anti Israel” post on someone’s Facebook timeline. It was a cartoon of someone stepping in dog poop and saying “aww, I stepped in dog poop”, the next picture in the sequence shows the bottom of the shoe with the aforementioned poop and the word “Israel” on it. Now, I’m all for anti Israel posts, but not pathetic denigratory stuff like this.

I left the following comment:

“I’m sorry but this is asinine. When you indulge in abusiveness like this you’ve lost. Don’t forget Israel was a name given to Yaqub (Jacob) alihisalam and as such the name “Israel” should not be denigrated in this fashion. Whoever came up with this is a complete idiot.

This is a marketplace of ideas and stuff like this shows that Muslims cannot compete in this market place. We have to be better than this.

Furthermore, this is against the Sunnah, our Prophet NEVER denigrated anyone, not even his worst enemies. Let us not seek to satisfy our nafs (ego) with such things. Ask yourself this question is this for the sake of Allah? Then ask yourself this – what if someone did this to us and replaced “Israel” with one of our holy names? If we engage in such things, what moral high ground can we occupy?

Enough of this childish mockery and behaviour.”

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