Denigrating the Indian Flag.

Denigrating the Indian Flag.

I saw a picture on someone’s Facebook wall of a dog taking a poo on the Indian national flag, I was so angered by this and wrote the following comment on the person’s picture status:

Absolutely disgraceful. There is no reason to abuse or denigrate the symbols of other peoples and other nations. How would you feel if they made the same picture with the Saudi flag or the Quran or something dear to us? Why do people do this? What insecurities are they trying to make up for? Anyone who finds this funny, or finds it amusing should not then get foam mouthed and offended when our symbols sacred and national suffer the same abuse.

One of the principles of the Sunnah is “let there be no harm and no reciprocating harm”. We are Muslims, alhamdulillah, let us have high ideals, let us be the Muslims that our religion requires of us.

It is an affront to the person and character of The Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) when Muslims engage in such low, base and idiotic endeavors. We are in the business of attracting people to our way, not giving them excuses against us and not shutting doors in their faces.

The symbolism represented by the Indian flag are entirely honourable. The principles it represents are universal ideals that Muslims hold dear.  Among other things: courage, loyalty, honesty. The wheel symbol is the wheel of law.

Shame on whoever made this picture, may they learn honour, dignity and respect which are basic Islamic etiquettes that we should, as Muslims, adhere to by default . Shame upon shame.

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