Complaint against BBC re: Gaza appeal

Complaint against BBC re: Gaza appeal

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Here is what I wrote:

I wish to complain about the BBC’s decision to not allow the DEC appeal for Gaza to go ahead. This is a very disgraceful decision and will cost lives on the ground. I do not buy the BBC’s official line that it affects its impartiality since this was not a concern for other similar appeals. I can only think that the BBC has succumbed to some external pressure from a foreign government. This is the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation and as a license fee payer I am angry, annoyed and disgusted at this decision for which there is no conceivable reason. Could you please publish the minutes of the meeting in which this decision was made and why and I would like to know which of the directors/trustees decided against the DEC appeal?

EVERYONE I have spoken to, regardless of their ethnic or religious background, cannot understand this ludicrous and cruel decision, it would seem that the overwhelming majority of the BRITISH public do not agree with you. In fact I think it is safe to say that given this it is the BBC that is currently not acting impartially.

Yours angered, annoyed and disgusted.

Masud A. Khan

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  2. 11,000 people have complained so far to the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation), people stand up and be counted.

    We all contribute to the BBC coffers through the TV license and it’s time the paying viewers expressed their disgust at the shameful actions undertaken by the senior management at the BBC.

  3. This a clear evidence of Western Governments support to Israel and it?s crimes against innocent people of Gaza. I fail to understand BBC?s decision of being ?impartial? in this case. The appeal was intended to collect money for innocent sufferers of Gaza. The charities responsible are well known independent charities with no record of corruption and miss-handling of funds. The only reason why BBC?s denial is the fact that public will become aware of the sufferings caused to Gaza by Israel and so they will turn against Israel. Obviously they do not want Israel to stop. It?s not only the BBC, It?s the government and all the parties in it. Only 60 MPs have come forward who have asked the BBC to take it?s decision back what about the rest? (hundreds of them). Being a Muslim, this is the first time, I have felt hate towards BBC and UK government. Shiraz

  4. I am extremely disappointed by the BBC decision to reject to air GAZA appeal. Can I remind BBC this is not a political campaign to get at Israel but simply to raise funds and help these who have lost everything; by actually rejecting this you have lost many loyal BBC supporters and make your point clear that you are biased co-operation and not independent anymore.

  5. It is disgusting that BBC can come to decision not to help the suffering people in Gaza after knowing full well the extent of the suffering. Reasons not to broadcast are absolutely nonsense, we all know the real reasons for the decision. If the BBC has no humanity to care about the suffering children in Gaza, it should atleast consider the views and anger of its licence payers.

    Very angry and disgusted and no longer a BBC viewer
    Sarah Khan

  6. I am disgusted by the actions of the BBC. They have surrendered to outside pressure from either foreign governments or powerful lobbying groups who seem to be able to control the media. Isn’t it about time we refused to pay our TV licence until an enquiry is announced into how and why this decision was made?

  7. I have registerred my disgust at BBC’s fecent decision not to broadcast appeal. I feel the BBC is following a pro-Zionist agenda and is far from impartial. I have also sent email to Louise Ellman, MP (chair of Labour Friends of Israel) and in my opinion the unoffical MP for Tel Aviv. Her email is

  8. I’m afraid you are wrong. Many of those complaining are ignorant of the criteria which must be met for btoadcasters to show such appeals. The BBC is not a charity and it is not an aid agency. Please read up on the subject and try to enlighten yourselves.

    As for the suggestion that ‘This a clear evidence of Western Governments support to Israel and it?s crimes against innocent people of Gaza’. Can anyone provide any evidence that the BBC’s decision is the result of Israeli pressure? Not one iota. The BBC is independent. It has to make decisions based on what it thinks is right, regardless of the pressure we’ve seen in recent days from MPs, British Gov Ministers, lobby groups and religious leaders.

  9. Baz,

    BBC?s excuse as ?impartiality?
    Over 20 thousand complaints to BBC.
    176 MPs petition on EDM,
    Thousands of protestors at Scotland Yard
    Threats to BBC junior level staff for protesting against decision
    Mark Thompson?s wife being an active jew etc

    Don?t they mean thing to you? You want some fact and here you go. Refer to links below;


  10. Surely this whole situation is completely understandable.If the BBC were to show an appeal to raise funds for the re building af Gaza(which would not be a bad thing) then it would be obliged to do the same for the much bombed people of the state of Israel.That is what impartiality is all about.The TV and other media organisations who have decided to air the appeal now leave themselves open to charges of bias.Although this position has not been aired before i think you will find it is correct.


    Mas’ud says: I am sorry but your comment above totally shows that you are ignorant of the situation on the ground, what rebuilding does Israel need as a result of the feeble rocket “attacks” if it did then I would not begrudge Israel charity. Please please acquaint yourself with the academic studies of this conflict before making such asinine comments. Norman Finkelstein and Avi Shlaim are two such academics (both Jewish) that you should read.

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