Chickens! – update

Chickens! – update

We just ordered an Eglu Go with three chickens from Omlet, we’ll receive the order on Monday 15th Feb (insha’Allah):

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We’ve been thinking about having some egg laying chickens for a while now and decided to take the plunge. The Omlet Eglu range seems easy to maintain and look after and we’ll get on average 18-20 fresh eggs per week from organic, free range chickens. Chicken droppings will also be a great addition for our composter!

The cost was £295 for the Eglu and run, £11 each for the chickens (£33) and a couple of bags of chicken feed for £40.

Omlet deliver, set up and give you a quick tutorial on keeping chickens as part of their service.

Will report again once we receive the order.

3 thoughts on “Chickens! – update

  1. How things have changed since the days of farmer Colin.

    I don’t mean to pick holes in your plan but since you’re a educated man, wouldn’t it been cheaper if you built the chicken pen yourself?

    Mas’ud says: Well considering what I charge an hour professionally, it would be cheaper to buy one ready made unless you are offering to help build me one. Re: Colin’s chickens, they were for eating and not for laying eggs, these ones are specifically layers and not table birds so there won’t be little chicks running around any time soon.

  2. A couple of my colleagues at work keep chickens… Just a note: if you have a nice lawn like the one in the photo, bear in mind that the chickens will scratch it to pieces!

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