Book: Transcending Jerusalem

Book: Transcending Jerusalem

I recently set up a website to promote the book Transcending Jerusalem by Peter Stockton.

Transcending Jerusalem book cover In this book, Peter Stockton, from his perspective as a Muslim, reflects on this troubled history. Hurt by tribalism, idolatry, and human egotism, the city of David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad seems to lie at the epicentre of a cosmic drama. Stockton suggests that if Jerusalem is the heart of the world, and that the health of that heart lies only in fidelity to God, then understanding the meaning of the city, and finding grounds for hope and fear in its story, is nothing less than the key to the current predicament of God?s world. We must heal Jerusalem; but to do this, we must heal our hearts. And for this, the long story of the city?s travails offers precious and sobering counsel.

This book is only available as a series of PDFs.

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  1. Assalamailakum,
    I was wondering where can Transcending Jerusalem, the series of PDFs, can be read?

    JazakAllah khair,

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