as-salamu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatAllahi wa barakatuh.

My name is Mas’ud Ahmed Khan, born 1968, married with three children (2 boys and a girl). I have been running the website masud.co.uk one of the leading and most well known Traditional Islamic websites since 1996. I present here my blog, a collection of thoughts, opinions, observations, comment, rants, cross-posted news and other blog posts and generally stuff that I find of interest. Some you’ll like and agree with others you may not. You are free to leave comments either way.

My interests include (aside from religious pursuits) computing and technology, having been involved with Unix for over 20 years – Sun Solaris in particular, I also have a keen interest in web design and web technologies and am a partner in a small IT consultancy called Engage Technologies Ltd. I love football (“soccer” to all you yanks out there) and my favourite team is Arsenal Footbal Club which I have been a fan of since a very early age. I play 5-a-side football regularly and even at my age I am still lasting the pace against players younger and fitter than me! My other passion is photography you can see my online photo gallery at Flickr, I have been “into” photography from my early teenage years and my passion was reignited by affordable Digital SLRs, I own a Nikon D70S, would like to upgrade to a D300 but at present can’t justify the expense. Peter Sanders is an inspiration to me in the field of photography, whilst much more senior than me, I consider him a friend (he lives nearby) and the Grand-shaykh of Photographers!

I have, in the past, consulted on TV and radio programmes, articles and books and am available for any other such projects.

If you want to get in touch with me you can use the contact page.