Cambridge Mosque Appeal

as-salamu ‘alaykum dear friends, family and supporters,

You may or may not be aware of the Cambridge Mosque is Moving project headed up by our dear Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad. They urgently require donations to help with the build cost of the mosque and have initiated a “Brick by Brick” appeal where you can donate the cost of the bricks. It is estimated that the mosque will require 350,000 bricks to build. Each brick costs only £1.40 making it easy for every one of us to help not only make this mosque a reality but to actually be a part of the building itself. In supporting the appeal this year, the bricks you donate will long stand as a sadaqa jariyya, a continuing charity on your behalf and a testament to the community that built the first purpose built mosque in Cambridge…brick by brick.

In order to reach this goal, so many of us across the country and the world for that matter are banding together to raise funds for this necessary and important cause.  All of us, in our near and far corners of the world can contribute bricks towards the first purpose built mosque in Cambridge.

I urge everyone who reads this to pledge 10 bricks (£14) but any amount of donation is gratefully received.

You can donate here:


Mas’ud Ahmed Khan

The Passing of Islam’s Eco-Warrior

I was informed that as-Sayyid Hajj Ayman Ahwal passed away on the 16th of Ramadan (16th August). May Allah grant him the highest maqam and proximity to those with whom Allah is utterly content with. Sayyidi Ayman was a sweet, kind, gentle, humble, generous, caring, loving and beautiful person. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend Sidi Dean Othman a number of years ago when Imam Zaid Shakir was visiting Birmingham. I was honoured to have hosted a few of articles that he had written:

Living by the River

Malaysia in the 21st Century

Pilgrimage to the Garden

He started a litter clean-up project in Birmingham called Clean Medina to get Muslims to have enough pride in the places where they live so as not to throw litter and rubbish in the streets. See

Ayman Ahwal filming for  Clean Medina

I was in awe of the concern and love he had for nature, he was a man striving for a life of fitra, a man who was a true guardian of the earth. He shall be missed, not just by humans, but by the very natural world that he so loved, cared for and respected.

An amazing man who lead an amazing life and Allah granted him the best of months in which to return to the Divine presence and the abode of bliss.