Contentions 16 is out

Contentions 16

10.       The least likely of your sincere falsehoods is your words: ‘I am a Sufi!’

11.       The Teacher brings you near to the Divine rigour and gentleness.

12.       Do not say ‘The qualities of mercy preponderate’, without adding, ‘but they do not eliminate.’

13.       Let not your final thought be: ‘I could have been the dust beneath the feet of the saints, but I refused.’

14.       Pray that you be granted knowledge in joy rather than in pain.

15.       Finding the Teacher will not makes things easier, but it will make them clearer.

Film: Four Lions – quick thoughts

Got around to watching the much touted Four Lions by film maker Chris Morris, I did not find it laugh out loud funny, it was humorous and I thought it was generally very uncomfortable viewing, I felt uneasy throughout the film. Every character in the film was a caricature, not just the four protagonists – everyone and I found this a little distracting. Anyone who sees this film as a comedy has missed the point of the film, this is a very serious satire using very dark humour to get its message across. The best moment in the film for me was when the dimwit Waj says he is confused and that his heart and brain are saying different things to him, Omar tells Waj to do what his heart tells him thinking that Waj’s brain is telling him not go ahead and Waj tells Omar that his heart is telling him that it is wrong, an absolutely wonderful moment in the film, in fact that, for me, is the key moment in the film, it’s the central message, that even a dimwit knows, deep down in his fitra (innately), that  such acts are utterly wrong, you can’t justify or rationalise them.