Film: Journey to Mecca – thoughts

On a cold and wet Sunday morning in winter I would normally get up for fajr prayer at around 7am and once I have offered my prayer would crawl back in to bed. Not today. I was invited to a special screening of the film Journey to Mecca at the IMAX cinema in Waterloo taking place at 9.30am. I had told the kids and the Mrs. that we would be going so they were prepared but my boys, Yusef and Binyamin (14 and 12) were not all that excited, typical teenage nonchalance. We headed to Waterloo from Aylesbury at about 08:10am, the sat nav told me it was about 46miles. It took us an hour to arrive at Waterloo bridge and we managed to find a free parking spot there and the IMAX was a short walk in front of us.

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Media Training Weekend

I spent this weekend past in Bristol on a Media Training course organised by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations project, it brought together a diverse group of about 40 Muslims including community leaders, activists, writers, bloggers and opinion leaders, the youngest of whom was 21. The course, Best Practices for Media Management,  ran over two days and was conducted by New York based Fenton Communications.

The areas covered were:

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