MasudBlog New Layout & Design

I have been using my blog as an exercise to learn WordPress in terms of the templating and getting it to do what I need it to do with all the wonderful plugins that it has, it has also given me an opportunity to dabble in CSS some more and extend my understanding of it.

I have also pulled together in one place all my online activities and organised it a bit better with the new design and layout.

The CSS may have a few bugs in it but it displays perfectly on Firefox and quite well on IE8, if you are on IE6 then I have not introduced any bug fixes for that, IE6 belongs in one of the lower pits of hell as far as I am concerned and if you are using it you should really upgrade by now and you’ll see a message at the top of your browser point out the fact that you are using an older browser.

Please let me know via the contact page if you have any problems and would love some feedback, critiques and suggestions.

Video: Muhabba Awards: Khalid ibn Waleed

At the “Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow” conference this year, I met, Saadi Alkouatli, the Creative Director for the trailer for the Muhabba Awards, which depicts Khalid ibn al-Walid in battle. I am sure you will agree, the quality of this trailer is breathtaking. One thing he mentioned was that at the end of the trailer there is a scene in which we see a lock of the blessed hair of the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace), in actual fact, this is a real lock of blessed hair!

The director for this video is Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky (winner 2008 of best foreign language film The Counterfeiters) – who won this oscar the night before the Mahhaba awards.