Cambridge Muslim College

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad heads up a new college in Cambridge:

The Cambridge Muslim College supports the development of training and Islamic scholarship to help meet the many challenges facing Britain today. The college is dedicated to maintaining academic excellence and pushing the boundaries of Islamic learning in the West.

Introducing Gazelle Media Ltd

Gazelle Media Ltd is a media company set up by Navid Akhtar, they produce Radio and TV programmes for a diverse range of media outlets including the BBC. They recently produced The Black Cube radio documentary about the Ka’aba, that aired on BBC3

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BBC Radio Documentary – The Black Cube

An excellent BBC radio documentary by Navid Akhtar on the Ka’ba in the holy city of Mecca in modern day Saudi Arabia. Must listen if you have access to BBC’s iPlayer (UK only). For those of those not able to listen to this due to geographic location, there may be a way, will publish details when I am able to.