We keep hearing that Israel is after Hamas; but WE are the targets here

From the blog Raising Yousuf and Noor: diary of a Palestinian mother:

“My father last night tried to communicate a single message: We keep hearing that Israel is after Hamas; but WE are the targets here; Civilians are the targets here, not Hamas.

An entire refugee family in one fell swoop was killed this morning as they took cover in their home from Israeli fire. Their deaths do not make Israeli more secure. Their deaths will not stop rocket fire.”

Illegalities of Israel

Israel has been and still continues to be one of the main violators of International Law, the same Law that has caused regimes to be toppled and wars to be fought. What makes Israel’s violations of International Law all the more surprising is that it has made the world believe that it is not violating any law and the media is complicit in this as it “sanitises” any news on Israel to make it more palatable. You have to take your hats/kufis/turbans off to Israel in winning the media and PR war as well.

I spotted this on the Muhabbat ul Deen blog and though that such things have to be made known and propagated. What makes it all the more credible is that it is not by some ranting “A-rab” or “Mozlem” it is by Norman Finkelstein who himself is a an anti-Zionist Jew.

Those Muslims who wish the destruction of Jews will do well to remember that there are people like Norman Finkelstein who stand up and speak the truth and there are a alot of good people in Israel itself who are concerned for the Palestinians.