The Birth of My Daughter

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

On the Day of Arafah (well on the day the Saudis called Arafah) Wednesday 19th January 2005, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 8.10 GMT weighing 7lbs 12oz [3.52 KG]. This is our third child after two boys and unfortunately my wife had suffered two miscarriages prior to this pregnancy and so our little girl is even more special to us. May Allah protect her and make her of the righteous women of this ummah in the character of the az-Zawaj al-Mutahireen and the daughter of the Prophet Fatima al-Zahra and all the righteous Women of the Ummah from start to end, and may this dua extend to all daughters of the ummah!

I have some photos of my baby daughter on my Photo Blog.